Lathrom Manufacturing Inc

Procurement Quality Clauses

QC 1:

    Lathrom Manufacturing Inc's supplier shall implement and maintain a Quality System, which conforms, as a minimum, to the requirements of MIL-I-45208A or AS9100 Rev C, ISO 9001:200 or MIL-Q-9858A to the extent imposed by the provisions of applicable drawings, specifications, and purchase orders. Lathrom Manufacturing Inc (here in known as LMC) and its customers reserve the right to audit the supplier for compliance to this requirement. During the performance of such audits, the supplier shall provide reasonable facilities and resources to effectively conduct the audit.

QC 2:

    LMC , its customers, and any regulatory authorities will be allowed the right of entry to all of your facilities during normal business hours to review performance of this order, including product, manufacturing processes, delivery schedules, quality, and associated documentation during the performance of this order.

QC 3:

    The supplier shall maintain quality records for a minimum of seven (7) years for the item identified in this order. The records shall be made available to LMC or it's customer upon request.

QC 4:

    The supplier shall submit a certificate of conformance in accordance with applicable specification for each lot/batch number and reference LMC's purchase order number for traceability with each shipment. Product defined in this purchase order is subject to inspection at LMC and will not be accepted if the supplier fails to ship Certificates of conformance. LMC reserves the right to return non-conforming articles to the supplier at supplier's expense.

QC 5:

    The supplier shall send one copy of test reports indicating chemical composition and actual physical properties, lot/batch number, list the parameters tested, the results obtained, and shall be validated by a member of the suppliers quality department or designer with each shipment as required.

QC 6:

    Calibration shall be performed in accordance with ISO 10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1, or others as applicable. All certifications performed shall be traceable to National Institute Standards Technology.

QC 7:

    Sampling inspection is not allowed except by special permission.

QC 8:

    A first article inspection report is required to be furnished under this order. The report shall meet AS9102 requirements. The first article part shall be identified and returned with the first shipment to LMC for verification.

QC 9:

    Special process requirements of the drawing (NDE, NDI, Welding, Heat Treat, x-ray, precision cleaning, applied finishes, etc.) are to be performed by LMC’s customer specification approved sources only. This includes any sub-tier processors used by you, to perform special process. The supplier shall list on the packing list or certificate of conformance accompanying each shipment the name(s) and address(es) of the sub-tier processor(s) who performed the process(es) and a copy of the sub-tier packing sheet and/or certificate of conformance for the process(es) performed.

QC 10:

    Inspection reports shall include part number, date, serial number, drawing revision, and data set revision and inspection verification as a minimum, if required.

QC 11:

    Items on this purchase order are either Primary, Critical, or Flight Safety parts and require the supplier to control them through the governing specification on this purchase order.

QC 12:

    The supplier shall notify LMC’s quality department of all non-conforming product and make arrangements for LMC’s approval of the nonconforming product.
Notification should include at a minimum:

  1. Number of parts shipped.
  2. Date parts shipped.
  3. Packing slip and purchase order parts shipped against.
  4. Discrepancy to engineering. Root cause and corrective action.

QC 13:

    Item(s) on this purchase order require the supplier to notify LMC's quality department of changes in product and/or process definition and, when required, obtain LMC’s approval of such changes.